Flaw Detector Magnetic Particle Inspection Services On Painted Surfaces

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: TMTeck
Certification: CE
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Packaging Details: carton
Delivery Time: 4-7 work days
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Supply Ability: 20PCS/Two weeks
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Warranty: 2years Size: Customized
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Product Description

Type A MT Flaw Detector Of Magnetic Particle Testing


Function & Feature:

1,A special instrument for small portable nondestructive testing, nondestructive testing instrument is small principle design using magnetized workpiece into the crack.

2,Stable and reliable performance and convenient operation.

3,This product uses the coil wound on the probe directly on the induced magnetic field, magnetization, workpiece.

4,Small volume, light weight, large lifting force and joint adjustable features.

5,Optional probes available to users on specific artifacts.

6,Output low voltage electrical,fit to the place where forbidden high voltage detector put in.

Application Fields:

1,Fit to be used for the detecting of Oil field, Boat making, Car making, Coal mine, Machine, Medicine, Airplane making and internal combustion engine parts etc.

2, Can inspection for weld, weld, flat steel, pressure vessel, piping, shaft and complex shaped part.

Technical Specification

1. Input voltage: AC 220V±10%V

2. Output voltage: AC 36V

3. Output current: >10A

4. Elevating capacity:>5kg

5. Duty cycle:50%

6. Sensitivity Type: A-type1#( specimens show clear)

7. Overall dimension 230×160×56120mm(length*height*width)

8. Weight:5kg

9. Standard configuration:Main machine, A- type magnetic yoke,power line,cable,packing list, manual, certificate.

Features of the optional probes

A-type probe: U-shaped magnetic yoke weld probe, turning joint slope magnetic head, equipped with work light; especially apply for special shaped and intricate shaped workpieces. Probe distance:20-160;elevating power:AC≥5,DC≥18. Equipped with a electromagnetic yoke fillet weld flaw detector, the probes is adjustable with wide usage range.

D-type probe: electromagnetic yoke probes, multiple movable joints, strong magnetization. Probe distance:60-220;elevating power:AC≥6,DC≥20. Equipped with a electromagnetic yoke fillet weld flaw detector, the probes is characterized by high permeability and strong magnetization.

E-type probe: crossed yoke probes or rotating magnetic field probes, compositely magnetic detecting in one time. The walking wheels and work light can effectively speed up the defect detecting. Probe distance:110;elevating power:AC≥8. Equipped with a rotating magnetic field detector. Adopting alternating current phase shifting technology, the two crossed magnet yokes will produce a synthesis of a rotating magnetic field changed by time, which can all compositely magnetize the workpiece in one time. This probe is characterized by fast speed and high quality of detection.

O-type probe: Also called annular probe, inner diameter: 150, magnetic field center≥180Oe. Equipped with a annular defect detector, designed by the strong magnetic field produced by coil on electricity. It is suitable for segment detection and demagnetization of complex workpieces such as mandrel class, pipeline class and bolt class.



Main specification


Power 220V 50HZ 220V 50HZ 220V 50HZ 220V 50HZ 220V 50HZ
Magnetic type AC/DC AC AC AC AC/DC
Probe A, D A, D, E, O E A D
Total weight 15kg 20kg 10kg 8kg 8kg
Elevating power Type A, D≥4.5kg;Type E≥12kg
Polar distance

Type A:10-180mm;Type D:10-210mm;Type E:10-100mm;

Type O:ID.120mm


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