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Tm281 Digital Portable Oled Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Meter/Portable Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: TMTeck
Certification: CE
Model Number: TM281DL
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pc
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Carton 30*15*24cm 2.5kg
Delivery Time: 5-8 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, PayPal
Detail Information
Display Type:: 2.4'' Color OLED, 320×240 Pixels, Contrast 10,000:1 Measuring Range:: 0.50mm To 508mm(0.02'' To 20.00''), Depending On Material, Probe And Surface Condition
Operating Principle:: Pulse Echo With Dual Elemet Transducers Measuring Resolution:: Selectable 0.01mm, 0.1mm(selectable 0.001'', 0.01'')
Display Mode:: Normal, Minimum/Maximum Capture, DIFF/RR%, A-Scan, B-Scan Rectify Mode:: RF+, RF-, HALF+, HALF-, FULL
V-Path Correction:: Automatic Update Rate:: Selectable 4Hz, 8Hz, 16Hz
Material Velocity Range:: 500 To 9999m/s(0.0197 To 0.3939 In/μs) High Light:: Ultrasonic Gauge Thickness Tester, Coating Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
High Light:

tm281 ultrasonic thickness gauge meter


oled ultrasonic thickness gauge meter


oled digital ultrasonic thickness gauge

Product Description


Ultrasonic thickness gauge A&B Scan for testing rubber thickness TM281 Series


Product Description

TM281 Series Color Screen with A/B-Scan Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Professional in

Solving Various Difficult ThicknessMeasurement



2.4”color OLED, 320 X 240 pixels, display contrast 10,000:1

Live Color A-Scan


Users could directly see the color ​waveform of the ultrasonic sound (or A-scan) on the screen, which is quite ​important for the occasions that we need to check the correctness of the ​testing results. Many cases will cause wrong testing results or even noreadings. ​We could find the causes easily through the A-scan. Adjust the three parameters ​of GAIN, BLACKING, GATE, and then we will get the right readings.

Live Color B-Scan



TM281 series thickness gauge has time ​base B-scan function. Move the probe along the workpiece surface, then the ​cross -sectional profile of the workpiece display, use for observe the ​underside contour of the workpiece.It could be automatically capture a minimum ​value of the B-scan image, and indicate the position of the minimum by a red ​triangle. You can see any point thickness value of the B-scan image by moving ​the pointer.

Through Coating FunctionNo longer ​need to waste time to remove the coating

Now TM281D and TM281DL also have this ​widely acclaimed function. It's realized by measuring the two continuous bottom ​surface of the substrate. This mode also has more advantages:

  1. Exempt Zero Calibration
  2. High Stability, the measuring value is not influenced by the probe pressure, the ​coupling layer thickness and the surface dust of the workpiece.
  3. Zero Drift


More Practical Function

Difference/Reduction ​Rate: Difference mode ​displays the difference between the actual value and the normal value. ​Reduction rate calculates and shows the percentage of the thickness reduction ​when the material becomes thin. Typical application is to measure the metal ​material which is due to bending and becomes thin.

Information displays: LOS, min, max, large reading while displaying min at the ​same time, velocity, zero, calibration, units, freeze, unfreeze, % battery life ​remaining, gain - low, std, high, echo to echo symbol

Max./Min. Capture: On this ​mode, the current thickness, minimum thickness and the maximum thickness will ​be shown on the screen at the same time.

Alarm Mode: Dynamic change the ​color of thickness readings when alarming.

Update Rate: Selectable 4Hz, 8hz ​and 16Hz. 4Hz for ordinary application, when you need a quick scan, such as ​high temperature measurement, you can choose higher update frequency.

Multi- Languages Available: Chinese,English, Spanish, German.

Echo to Echo: Measures the metal thickness only (ignore paint and ​coatings)

Data logger: 99999 ​thickness data logger with ID point in linear or grid files ( 400 files)

Output: USB 2.0 full ​speed connector. DataView report software

Temperature: Gage Operating:-10° C to 50° C

Standard TM510 Probe

The probe is the heart of the ​instrument,TMTeck has the world’s leading probe production technology. TM510 ​probe uses the high performance piezoelectric ceramic chip, with integrated ​metal die-casting shell, practical design of probe and cable separated, ​regardless of costs to create high quality .


The Difference Between TM281 Series Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

  TM281 TM281D
Color Display
Live A-Scan
Time-based B-Scan
Control of Gain and Gate
Thru-paint&coatings ×
Data Logger × ×
DataView Software × ×

Specifications of TM281DL Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Display Type 2.4'' color OLED, 320×240 pixels, display ​contrast 10,000:1
Operating Principle Pulse echo with dual elemet ​transducers
Measuring Range 0.50mm to 508mm(0.02'' to 20.00''), ​depending on material, probe and surface condition;E-E Mode:3-50mm under ​condition
Measuring Resolution Selectable 0.01mm, 0.1mm(selectable ​0.001'', 0.01'')
Units Inch or Millimeter
Rectify Mode RF+, RF-, HALF+, HALF-, FULL
Display Mode Normal, Minimum/Maximum capture, ​DIFF/RR%, A-Scan, B-Scan
V-Path Correction Automatic
Update Rate Selectable 4Hz, 8Hz, 16Hz
Material Velocity Range 500 to 9999m/s(0.0197 to 0.3939 ​in/μs)
Languages English, French, German,spanish,Chinese
Alarm Settings Minimum and Maximum alarms. Range of ​0.25mm to 508mm (0.010'' to 20.00''). Dynamic waveform color change on alarm
Power Requirements 2 AA size batteries
Operating Time Approximately 40 hours
Instrument Shut-off Selectable ALWAYS ON or AUTO OFF ​after 5, 10, 20 minutes of inactivity
Operating Temperature -10 to +50(+10°F to +12°F )
Size 158mm × 76mm × 37mm (H × W × D)
Weight 225g including batteries

Standard Delivery TM281DL

Name Quantity
Main body 1
Probe 1
Battery 1
Couplant 1
Carrying Case 1
Operating Manual 1
USB Cable 1
Software 1


TM281 Probe/Transducer Specifications
PIC Model Type Frequency Contact Diameter



Temperature Range


PT-08 TM281 Standard 5MHz 11mm 0.8 to 100.0mm -10 to 70


TC510B TM281D/DL Standard 5MHz 13.5mm 1.2 to 200.0mm -10 to 70


TC550 Small tube 5MHz 5mm 0.8-60 mm -10 to 70


ZT-12-2 Cast iron 2MHz 17mm 4.0 to 508mm -10 to 70


PT-06 Smalltube 7.5MHz 8mm 0.8 to 30mm -10 to 70


PT-04 Fingertip 10MHz 6mm 0.7 to 12mm -10 to 70


GT-12-2 High- Temperature 5MHz 15mm 4 to 80mm -20 to 300

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