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THS141 Large Screen Leeb Hardness Tester Portable For Rolls

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: TMTeck
Certification: EN ISO 16859-2016
Model Number: THS141
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pc
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Carton
Delivery Time: 3-5 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, PayPal
Supply Ability: 50PCS/Two weeks
Detail Information
Hardness Scale: HL, HB, HRB, HRC, HRA, HV, HS Memory: 48~600 Groups (impact Times: 32~1)
Warranty: 2 Years Dimension: 125*67*31mm (main Unit)
Operating Temperature: 0~40℃ Standard Impact Device: D
High Light:

large screen leeb hardness tester


tmteck leeb hardness tester


tmteck portable leeb hardness tester

Product Description

THS141 roll special Leeb hardness tester


Model: THS141

THS141 roll special-purpose Leeb hardness tester is a professional measuring roll Leeb hardness tester with a measuring range (30~110) HSD. It is mainly suitable for testing the hardness of metal materials. It has high test accuracy, small size, easy operation, and convenient carrying. Features of wide measuring range. THS141 roll special-purpose Leeb hardness tester is based on Leeb's principle, and the measured Leeb (HL) hardness value is automatically converted into Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers, Shore and other hardness values through the program, and various tests can also be configured. Accessories, to meet various test conditions and environments, THS141 roll special Leeb hardness tester is mainly suitable for rapid testing of the hardness of metal materials, especially suitable for on-site hardness testing of large parts and non-detachable parts.

Features of THS141 roll special Leeb hardness tester:

1.Leeb and Shore for Roll can one-key conversion, the measuring range of Shore (30~110) HSD

2.Based on the Leeb hardness measurement principle, it can detect a variety of metal materials.

3.Large screen, 128×64 graphic dot matrix LCD display, rich in information, intuitive, and clear display. The screen brightness can be set freely according to the environment and light.

4.Built-in thermal printer, no noise, fast printing speed, can print test report on site.


5.One host can be equipped with 7 different impact devices, automatically recognize the type of impact device, and do not need to recalibrate when changing.


6.Full Chinese display, menu operation, simple and convenient measurement.


7.The USB interface can easily and quickly exchange data with the PC. Standard

microcomputer software, with rich functions such as transmission of measurement results, measurement value storage management, measurement value statistical analysis, printing measurement report, batch setting of instrument parameters, etc., to meet the higher requirements of quality assurance and management.


8.Up to 500 sets of hardness measurement data (number of impacts 1~32) can be stored, each set of data includes single measurement value, average value, measurement date, impact direction, number of times, material, hardness scale and other information.


9.Support "Steel" material, when using D/DC type impact device to test "Forged Steel" sample, the HB value can be read directly without manual check-up table.


10.The upper and lower limits of the hardness value can be set in advance, and the alarm will be automatically alarmed if the range is exceeded, which is convenient for the needs of users for batch testing.


11.With EL backlight display, it is convenient to use in dimly lit environments.


12.With software calibration function, users can calibrate the instrument by themselves.


13.Built-in Ni-MH rechargeable battery and charging control circuit; it can work continuously for no less than 150 hours; it has power saving functions such as automatic sleep and automatic shutdown.


14.There is a remaining battery indicator icon on the LCD, which can display the remaining battery power in real time; with a charging process indicator, the operator can know the charging level at any time.


15.Completely sealed shell, compact, portable, high reliability, suitable for harsh


16. operating environment, anti-vibration, shock and electromagnetic interference.


17.Dimensions: 212mm×80mm×32mm



The main purpose of THS141 roll special Leeb hardness tester:

◆Mold cavity

◆Bearings and other parts

◆Failure analysis of pressure vessel, steam turbine generator set and its equipment

◆Heavy parts

◆Installed machinery or permanent assembly parts

◆The test space is very small

◆Require formal original records of test results

◆Material classification of metal material warehouse

◆Quick inspection of multiple measuring positions in a large range of large workpieces

Technical parameters of THS141 roll special Leeb hardness tester:

function parameters
accuracy Relative error±0.5%,Repeatability error±5(HLD=800)
Standard impact device D type impact device
The upper and lower limits set the measuring range (170~960)HLD
Optional impact device D/ C /DC / D+15 / DL/ G/ E
Number of impact devices that can be equipped Arbitrary
Computer interface USB
Menu Language Chinese ,English
display The screen has a backlight and the contrast can be adjusted
Testing direction all
Data storage 500 sets of test data can be stored (number of impacts 1~32)
Measure the maximum hardness value of the workpiece 940HV(D/DC/DL/D+15/C)
Measure the radius of curvature of the workpiece Rmin=50mm(With special-shaped support ring Rmin=10mm)
Recognition function Automatic recognition of impact device type

Standard configuration of THS141 high-precision roll hardness tester:

No. name QTY
1 Main unit 1 pc
2 D impact device 1 pc
3 Test block 1 pc
4 brush 1 pc
5 Small support ring 1 pc
6 charger 1 pc
7 Roll paper 1 pc
8 manual 1 pc
9 Carrying case 1 pc

Optional accessories for THS141 roll special Leeb hardness tester:

Various impact devices, various special-shaped support rings, common consumables (ball head, three-needle thread, etc.)

Test range (table 1):

material scale Impact device
D/DC D+15 C G E DL  
Steel and cast steel
HRC 17.9~68.5 19.3~67.9 20.0~69.5   22.4~70.7 20.6~68.2  
HRB 59.6~99.6     47.7~99.9   37.0~99.9  
HRA 59.1~85.8       61.7~88.0    
HB 127~651 80~638 80~683 90~646 83~663 81~646  
HV 83~976 80~937 80~996   84~1042 80~950  
HS 32.2~99.5 33.3~99.3 31.8~102.1   35.8~102.6 30.6~96.8  
Steel HS 32.2~99.5            
HRC 20.4~67.1 19.8~68.2 20.7~68.2   22.6~70.2    
HV 80~898 80~935 100~941   82~1009    
Stainless steel
HRB 46.5~101.7            
HB 85~655            
HV 85~802            
HB 93~334     92~326      
NC,IRON HRC              
HB 131~387     127~364      
HB 19~164   23~210 32~168      
HRB 23.8~84.6   22.7~85.0 23.8~85.5      
HB 40~173            
HRB 13.5~95.3            
BRONZE HB 60~290            
COPPER HB 45~315            

Indication error and repeatability (table 2):

No. Impact device Standard hardness value Indication error Repeatability of indication
1 D 760±30HLD
±6 HLD
±10 HLD
10 HLD
2 DC 760±30HLDC
±10 HLDC
10 HLD
3 DL 878±30HLDL
±12 HLDL 12 HLDL
4 D+15 766±30HLD+15
±12 HLD+15 12 HLD+15
5 G 590±40HLG
±12 HLG 12 HLG
6 E 725±30HLE
±12 HLE 12 HLE
7 C 822±30HLC
±12 HLC

12 HLC



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