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Eddy Current Testing Resistivity Meter Equipment With Coil Probe

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: TMTeck
Model Number: TMD-110
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pc
Price: Negotiation
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 20pcs/ one week
Detail Information
Center Coordinates: X Y Adjustable Data Memory: 10 Groups,500 Datas Totally
Display Units: Um & Mil Convertible Phase: 0-359 In 0.1steps
Probe Type: Coil Probe Range: 0.1~80%Fe, (0.1~110) WRC-number
Type: Eddy Current Testing Equipment Work Time: 14 Hour Battery Operation
High Light:

Eddy Current Testing resistivity meter


coil probe resistivity measurement


resistivity meter With Coil Probe

Product Description

Intelligent Metal Resistivity Measuring Instrument TMD-110


Eddy Current Testing Resistivity Meter Equipment With Coil Probe 0


● measurement of electrical conductivity of wires and cables

● measurement of electrical conductivity of bar, pipe and profile metal

● research on metal materials

● material sorting in production workshop



Ø It is used to measure the resistance, meter resistance, kilometer resistance, DC resistance of motor, transformer and so on of 1-45mm stranded wire and multi strand cable.

Ø The resolution of the instrument is as high as 10-8 Ω (0.01 μ Ω), which ensures the measurement accuracy of the resistance and conductivity of the metal wire with the diameter as high as Ø 45mm (cross-sectional area as high as 1589mm²).

Ø Equipped with high-precision (± 0.1 ℃) temperature sensor or test fixture with high-precision conductor temperature sensor, the accuracy of automatic temperature compensation in measurement is greatly improved.

Ø It integrates advanced electronic technology, single-chip technology and automatic detection technology, with strong automatic function and simple operation.

Ø Press the key only once, all the measured values can be obtained, without any calculation, suitable for continuous, fast and accurate detection.

Ø AC and battery powered design, suitable for field and field use.

Ø Large screen, large font, which can display the meter resistance, kilometer resistance and other measurement values and temperature, test current, temperature compensation coefficient and other auxiliary parameters at the same time, very intuitive.

Ø Each measurement has the function of automatically selecting the constant current, automatically reversing the current, automatically correcting the zero point, overcoming the error caused by the resistance from the thermal voltage to the line, and ensuring the accuracy of each measurement.

Ø It can adapt to all standard 1 meter test fixtures or non 1 meter test fixtures, and is very flexible to use.

Ø It can be equipped with a series of calibration resistors and related software to facilitate the automatic calibration of the instrument.

Ø It has built-in data memory, which can record and save 1000 groups of measurement data and parameters, and connect the upper computer to generate a complete report.


Parameter Item Resistivity Conductivity Resistance
Measuring range 0.01µΩ·m~2.5µΩ·m



Resolution 10-4~10-6µΩ·m 0.01~0.001%IACS 0.01µΩ(I=10A)
Precision ±0.25% ±0.25% 100µΩ~150Ω:±0.15%
Temperature measurement 0℃-55℃,Accuracy of ±0.1℃
Internal constant current of the instrument 16µA level~10A level(automatic selection according to the measuring requirement)
Wire/cable measuring fixture privided 1000mm standard test fixture (Optional TXJ-300 / 150 / 240 / 630 / 1200 test fixture )or other non-standard test fixture with differernt size;
Automatic temperature compensation The measured value will be automatically compensated to the value at 20℃.
Wire/cable measuring items

①Soild conductor resistivity ρv,conductivity σ,

resistance R,resistance per unit lengh Rl,

② resistivity,

resistance pen unit leagh(Ω/m),Ω/km(typeB)


Printout data

Date, time, temperature correction coefficient α,

wire specifications, and all measured values of conductor and wire/cable

Normal working environment Temperature: 0℃~+40℃; relative humidity: 0~80%

large screen LCD,which can simultaneously display multiple

measurement parameters with backlight

Power supply 220VAC ± 10%, 50-60Hz; power 160W
Internal memory Can save 1000 groups of measured data.
PC communication mode RS232 serial port
Host size 350(W)*260(H)*200(D)
Master machine shell Aluminum alloy case
Packaging and protection Master machine,test fixture,charge,communication cables,correction resistance,operation manual and a CD-ROM,Flush bonading printer,charger four-terminal resistance test clamp,temperature sensor ,and etc.


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